We at KDC frequently refer to the three Ps matrix when we have to briefly describe our Company.

(P)ersonal care, (P)remiere Service, (P)rice sensitivity.

We Promise you:

We have committed ourselves to providing you with a first tier service.

We set out the minimum you can expect from us although our aim is always to exceed these standards. We believe that you are entitled to set the bar high and with that in mind we promise always to:

Reply to every phone call within 2 working hours

You should never need to wait around for a response. Whether you need advice, help or simply a question answered, you will never be left frustrated at delays and you will never have to chase us to return your calls.

Reply to every email within one business day

If you send an email to anyone at KDC, you can always be confident that it is being dealt with and that you will receive a speedy response.

Deliver work on time, every time

Whatever it is that you need us to do, you should always be given a clear expectation of when you can expect the work to be completed, always be kept up to date and always expect the agreed deadlines to be met.

Keep you up to date of changes relevant to you

You should be confident that whatever business or tax related changes the future holds, you should never have to worry about complying with the law, taking advantage of opportunities that arise or otherwise feeling up to date. You will receive regular newsletters updating you and you will be contacted individually should the need ever arise.

Be easy to reach, easy to understand and easy to speak to

You can call our switchboard any time between 9 am to 5.45 pm and know that someone will be available to take your call. Or you can speak to a partner from 8 am to 7 pm with access to mobile phones or direct dial numbers. You are free to make contact at any time you need us.


All our letters, emails and newsletters are written in plain English and technical jargon will be avoided.

We’re here to help

You can talk to us about anything that you think we can help with or even if you are not sure whether or not we can help. You should treat us like your lead adviser and if we can’t help you then we will always endeavor to find someone that can.